and it goes *blink* *blink*

and it goes *blink* *blink*

Do you know that those blinking Christmas lights that forms into a star, mean something different to a lot of people?

It could be distracting for a person trying to concentrate on driving.
It could be pretty and shiny for a little kid.
It could be a new brilliant design for a furniture designer.
Or It could just be a Christmas decoration for a normal person.

But for me it was so different.

I don’t normally look out the window when I’m riding a vehicle because it makes me feel nauseous but in this case the car wasn’t moving .
So I bent my head to the left and looked.

It was beautiful.
It was new.
It was a brilliant idea.

But as I stared at it longer, I saw what others wouldn’t normally see. I saw beyond this Christmas decoration.

The chemistry of all the lights building into one perfect star as it glows, all depended on each blinking light’s differences, depended on its variations, depended on each other.

Like people. Different people taking their time to bring light… to spark. Converged into a single star which they now call home. And as the main switch opens, a spectacular show of lights blinking from different directions is seen.

Just like people I know…does it ring a bell now?

that was only the concept of how it was made, of how it came to be and of how I saw it differently.

There is more out there.
Things, places and wonders people have yet to encounter.
I want to be one of those to explore it. I want to see things the way I’ve never seen them before.

Because getting that feeling is such an amazing experience.

Realizing something so obvious in everyone’s eyes.

Having your breath taken away by this realization.

And engulfing yourself with this feeling and hoping it lasts for as long as it takes.


About sabmanansala

What we have here is a dreamer, someone completely out of touch with reality.
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