I forgot how comforting it feels to listen to the radio while on a road trip.

How every song, if not reminds you of something, makes you enter the magical realm                     As if to say you are in a trance of a never ending breathtaking feeling.

Called freedom.

Miles and miles

You continue to draw closer to your destination.

…not wanting to move from where you’re sitting.

…desperately wishing for the song not to reach its final notes

…grasping the edge of your seat as you wait for the road to end.

Sweaty palms. Uneven breaths…You clutch the strap of your yellow tote bag                              wondering if this uneasiness accounts for the thoughts of this dreadful being inside of you.

The car makes a turn to a familiar street;

Your stop.

A nagging feeling demands you to jump out of the vehicle but your feet remain planted on the gray floor mat.

There it is coming back to you.

Something you’ve been trying to escape for years;                                                                 solely unveiling what’s left of the journey…



About sabmanansala

What we have here is a dreamer, someone completely out of touch with reality.
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