Warm water trickling down your face.

Mist appears on the glass.

A blurred figure standing

With its head bent down and fists slammed at the wall.


You try to utter the words you were meant to say,

but only muffled sobs managed to escape.

In a few minutes or so you’d have to stop this facade

but you’d rather stay here as long as it takes.


Why is it of all the places set out in the world

the feeling of being trapped is non existent here.

But with the decision you are about to make

it’s as if you don’t have any other choice.


You close your eyes,

rocking yourself back and forth.

Trying to say awake, trying to stay sane

but isn’t it a little too late?


You never intended to push through

but there’s no such thing as going back.

You hold the side for support; gripping the curtain on your other hand.

You shut off the running water unready for what’s to come.


With the towel wrapped around you;

you force yourself to move

outside the glass of protection.

Trying to conquer what awaits.  


Your fate lies behind those doors

but it’s something you’d rather not face

knowing there might not be a chance

to come back to these walls that made you feel safe.


About sabmanansala

What we have here is a dreamer, someone completely out of touch with reality.
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